Meet Our Trainer

Ian Adams


Ian Adams is an experienced public speaker and trainer, regularly providing training at the highest level in the building industry.  He is a Certified Assessor and trainer for the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), and has experience teaching at RMIT and Melbourne Universities on sustainable design and green city infrastructure. Ian has experience in helping develop industry toolkits such as BESS planning assessment tool, Green Star, and InSite Water and he has an in-depth knowledge of how to implement sustainable design in buildings. Formerly he worked as Sustainability Coordinator for Frasers guiding their implementation of ESD into over 1,000 housing, industrial, commercial and apartment buildings.

Ian has worked as a planning sustainability referrals officer at Knox and Whitehorse Councils, and he has assisted many metropolitan Councils with establishing their sustainability assessment in planning and capital words programs.  Ian also has extensive experience implementing Green Star for many projects, and in training and facilitation of workshops for the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).

Online Sustainable Design Assessment for Planners 

This course is an introduction to sustainable design assessment in the planning system for Planners and ESD professionals, and Sustainability referrals officers. We look at the Sustainable Design Assessments in Victorian councils, as well as how sustainability toolkits can be used to efficiently generate and assess the sustainability of planning permit applications. This course can be purchased for both individuals and council access.

Stormwater in Planning and Building approvals

This training is a quick introduction to Water Sensitive Urban Design and how to design for best practice urban stormwater outcomes on smaller development and redevelopment sites.  Often projects are asked to achieve good stormwater outcomes by Councils, and this training will look at how that can be best achieved. We provide in-house training for Council teams.

How assessment tools and software can be used efficiently

SDA, SMP and Stormwater Reports

Local Council MSs, local activity centre, VPP and LPP policies

In-House ESD training support for planners

We can provide in-house training support for Sustainable Design for Victorian councils, as well as how Sustainability Toolkits can be used to efficiently report on and assess the sustainability of planning permit applications.

We will provide a technically accurate, comprehensive training package delivered in a professional and engaging manner at each training session, enabling and supporting planners to understand and assess the SDA and SMP reports .

We will look at local Council MSS, local activity centre, VPP and LPP policies that support and require sustainability assessment of applications.  We will workshop with planners the most efficient way to assess smaller applications, and discuss how to refer more complex applications for assessment.

The training will look at example SDA, SMP and stormwater reports and discuss how to determine if a submission meets Council requirements.  We will also discuss whereto find further information and assistance.

Testimonials for Ian’s training 

“One word - Informative”

 “Very well presented with good balance of visuals, concepts and using relevant examples.”

 “Excellent. I had no knowledge about the area. Ian made it interesting even for the novice. He also made it clear that there are no simple solutions. I enjoyed learning from an expert that appreciated complexity.”