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Our focus

Organica Engineering is a niche company specialising in integrating sustainable design into the built environment. We imagine buildings, infrastructure and cities that enhance the environment while improving people’s lives. We aim to achieve this by integrating the principles of environmental engineering and sustainability into organisations, buildings and infrastructure projects. We help our clients to become more sustainable – enhancing social value, building natural capital, and making buildings and operations more efficient and profitable. Our services include consulting, training, workshops and consultation, engineering design, and software development.
Our vision is of a compelling 21st century where the process of balancing outcomes for people, profit, and planet delivers great synergistic outcomes.
Sustainable Design Assessment in Planning

Organica Engineering has helped many Councils design and implement their sustainable design in planning SDAPP programs, including providing consulting, implementation and training support. We have also helped many Councils implement sustainable design into their capital works and facility management programs. Learn More

Green Star and ESD Engineering

We help Green Star projects get the certification outcome that they are targeting through a deep understanding of the Green Star rating system. We have extensive experience in designing, auditing and reviewing the designs of Green Star buildings.

Management Consulting and Training

Sustainable Design has transformed the development industry in recent years. Organica Engineering has played a central role in this transformation, allowing many organisations and major projects to improve their policies and processes, upgrade their buildings, and achieve Australian excellence or world leadership in their building projects.

Smart Cities

Organica Engineering uses the latest technology to help our clients achieve their Sustainability Goals, including developing the InSite Water software, and the Ecomon utility monitoring system.

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Our Technology

Our Smart Cities technology and training. Organica Engineering runs a number of online and Smart Cities platforms for specialist areas in ESD. Follow the links below to visit our associated websites.
InSite Water

InSite Water is an Australian Tool for understanding and designing Water Sensitive Urban Designs in infill development.
Visit our InSite Water website

Water Sensitive SA InSite tool

This is the South Australian Version of the InSite tool. Developed for Water Sensitive SA, it helps Councils to understand and approve stormwater plans for infill development.
Visit our WSSA InSite Water website

Ecomon Utility Monitoring

Ecomon are a range of smart, cloud enabled devices that monitor and report on a building’s energy, water, and gas usage.
Visit our Ecomon website

Online Training portal

We currently offer fully automated online training for:
– Sustainable Design Assessment for Planners (SDAPP training)
– Water Sensitive Urban Design for Planners
Visit our ESD Training website